Vulcan Vegas reviews

Feedback analysis and unbiased review of Vulkan Vegas

Lovers of gambling entertainment for a long time put a high estimate of the casino Vulkan Vegas and a positive response to this club on the network. Not only newcomers, but experienced players also agree, that this casino has earned the title of a popular place for gambling leisure. About Vulkan Vegas reviews can be found by anyone who wishes to study them independently.

Vulkan Vegas: the main advantages of the casino

By researching about Vulkan Vegas Casino reviews and comments from various gambling forums, managed to get an objective idea about this gambling club. The main point is that not only positive, but also negative responses were taken as a basis.

What do players see the value of Vulkan Vegas in?

  • Honest company - there are no convoluted transactions and dishonest rules when working with it.
  • Original game software - only top-notch slot machines from legendary developers.
  • Convenience - easy and understandable work with the official portal, comfortable management with a personal account and a wide choice of common payment systems.
  • Large catalog with games - entertainment for everyone is available.
  • Big winnings - the casino not only gives you a chance to have a great time, but also, as the reviews of Vulcan Vegas, to make good money.

Negative reviews of Vulkan Vegas

Why are there often negative reviews of players about Vulkan Vegas on the forums with gaming themes? Of the permanent ones we can highlight: problems with the withdrawal of finances, which the player received when activating bonuses, as well as the secondary passing of verification.

What are these situations really about? Many of the problems are often caused by the players themselves: careless reading of the rules of the promotion, Create multiple accounts on one device, as well as due to incorrect entry of information when registering on the official website Vulcan Vegas.

Vulcan Vegas: a recap

What's worth designating at the end? All genuine Vulkan Vegas reviews are always available for self-examination. Many negative comments have no solid basis and are due to the absent-mindedness and mistakes of the players themselves. The true picture of opinions about Vulkan Vegas shows that the positive comments are predominantly more, than the negative. 


I've been playing for a long time and a lot. At the same time in different casinos. Experience, so to speak, is great. So in Vulkan Vegas came accurately. Zaregalsya, twirled the slips. Lure and scrolls not zamutil - so depnul. And did not even lose (immediately) J At first, almost doubled the deposit, but then plum. But my own fault - could not stop. Depleted a couple more times, excused. Even came out in the plus. I didn't withdraw it all, I decided to rest. Played again a day later, got a few more. And that's when I withdrew. Little by little, I'm playing Vulcan Vegas next.

Bottom line - the casino is good. You can win and withdraw without any problems. The main thing is to play wisely. And don't bet the last one, it's better to play with free money.


I don't play a lot of slots in Vulkan Vegas - I don't like slots. So I can't say anything about the quantity and quality, I haven't really looked at it. But everything seems to be at the level of the top sites. For me, the best thing is live games. Here at Vulkan Vegas everything is great. Poker, baccarat, blackjack with dealers. It's pretty cool. And I haven't noticed any cracks or gambling. It's all right to play, you can take out all right.

Special thanks to support for the mirrors - they are always there. No blockages or problems.  


I've been hanging out at the casino for a few months now. What can I say?

The machines give all right, you can catch a good payoff period. But you have to play with your head - otherwise you'll lose quickly.

But for a normal game you need to watch the rules and combinations of slots. Otherwise you won't understand how to spin and not get lost. That's why I recommend playing the demo and then betting for money.


I like Vulcan Vegas. There are not just a lot of slots - but a lot. And regularly replenished. And all from reliable and well-known providers. From the special winnings I will remember tournaments. In the weekly races I managed to get a good score. But let me tell you right away: it takes a lot of time and attention. But what is nice - in tournaments you can use bonus funds for deposits.

I haven't seen any problems with payments - the casino is reliable. That's why I tried to play big. Everything is fine, there are no questions.

The only problem I encountered was verification. But it was my own fault, to be honest. I was logging in through a social network. And my name there does not coincide with the real one. Therefore I scanned my passport, but then I had to decide with the administration. However, they helped me quickly enough and corrected everything. I was verified, and since then I have been withdrawing without any problems.

Another nice bonus is the cashback. 10% every week and always without delay. A couple of times it helped me to get away and play normally. 


Before that I had never spun slots. From the first time I plummeted all) I could not stop myself. But then gradually gained experience. But I'm having more fun here than I want to win. Maybe that's why I am lucky little by little. So everyone can choose for themselves. Casino is fine, but do not gamble, or you lose everything yourself. You'll get it out on time.)


But it's a very good casino. Threw a deposit of 300 rubles - and in an hour raised to 3000. To test the decision to put the withdrawal: in other casinos, sometimes you had to wait very long. But here no - came after 20 minutes or so. In general, I recommend.

If anything, I've been playing monkeys. Everything works just fine.

Otherwise, it's not a bad place. Support is adequate and answers quickly. It's easy to deposit and withdraw. Bonuses are good again and the vager is not a horse. In this case, bonuses are quite generous and for the first deposit, and for regular players.